Welcome to the Bristol branch of the BCS

We have put together a program of events that we hope you will find interesting. You can help to publicise the meetings to everyone at your place of work by displaying one of our posters, or including the details of our meetings on your Intranet.

We always welcome non-members to our meetings, so please bring along your friends and work mates, perhaps they will join.

We are always looking for suggestions or ideas for talks. If there is a subject which you think would be of interest to the members we are always keen for your feedback. If you are working on an interesting project, or you know of someone who is, and would be willing to give a short talk about it we would be very interested to hear from you.

These meetings provide excellent networking opportunities and, if you arrive early, you can take advantage of the buffet whilst networking. The meetings are helpful also in regard to Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Autumn School: Agile Everywhere

This years autumn school is "Agile Everywhere" This picks up the spread of agile from software development to other areas and the impact this is having. The talks will be held University of Bristol , Room 1.11A, Merchant Venturers Building in the centre of Bristol.

  • 6.30pm (refreshments will be provided) for a 7.00 start
  • 7.00pm - 8.30pm talks

3-Nov-2014 Agile Beyond Software

In this presentation Allan Kelly will attempt to answer the question "Does Agile work outside of software?". He will look at what Agile is, where it came from, where else we can find things like Agile, what examples we have of Agile outside of software and examine what lessons Agile gives for knowledge workers in general.

10-Nov-2014 Gantt vs Kanban & Distributed Agile

Paul Bamforth will start from the basics, answering the question 'what is a Kanban board?' and then drawing on key trends in IT and business to explain why Projectplace have found this such a successful approach.

Will Hamill will discuss how the need for remote working, distributed teams and multiple sites gel with the agile manifesto's principles for business and development daily collaboration and face-to-face communication?

17-Nov-2014 Safety Critical software development & Agile and compliance to standards
Agile has brought a number of benefits to other application domains so why not the safety-related domain? Jim Thomas will be exploring whether agile techniques can really be used to develop safety-related software. He'll be looking at the safety standards, how compatible agile is with them and if, how and why agile could be used without compromising safety.

24-Nov-2014 Holacracy
This session is a presentation about the fundamental concepts of Holacracy, with some examples from experience and includes Questions & Answers. More information about Holacracy, Evolving Organisation and Introductory workshops can be found at evolvingorganisation.com.

Costs for delegates: (Inclusive of VAT)

  • £50 for the 4 lectures for BCS members
  • £75 for the 4 lectures for non-BCS members
  • £25 for the 4 lectures for Students
  • £15 per lecture for BCS members
  • £25 per lecture for non-BCS members
  • £10 per lecture for Students


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We realise that our members interact in different ways, and we want to help facilitate this. That is why we created the Linkedin Group for branch members. But there are many members that are not part of that and don't want to be. So we have also created a facebook group. We hope this will be of use to members.

BCS Bristol twitter account

There is a Bristol branch Twitter account. Follow this account for information on new talks that we are scheduling and reminders about talks as they come up.

Mobile version of the branch website

I am pleased to announce that your branch is at the cutting edge of the internet with the release of a version of the branch website for mobile phone browsers. Browse to http://bristol.bcs.mobi/ on your phone or use the mobile code below.


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Apart from networking at meetings, there is also the BCS Recruit website. This not only contains a comprehensive list of vacancies, but also advice on job hunting, CVs, interviewing, and career development in the IT industry.


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